Our Values

Babyauto Group's main objective is to provide our customers with products which strike a perfect balance between safety and comfort for your children when they travel by car. The most cutting-edge engineering and the most innovative design at the service of your family.

Safety & Travel

We use Computer Assisted Engineering (CAE) technology in our development process, which enables us to ensure that our child safety systems are fully effective in countless models of cars.

Our products undergo the most extensive endurance and material deformation tests so that they can withstand front, side and rear impacts; they must also pass strict controls which ensure that the child is in the perfect position and, of course, that they remain comfortable throughout the whole journey.

These simulation tests allow us to make sure that our products fully adapt to real-life driving conditions, whatever they may be.

Because, like you, Babyauto Group knows that the road can be truly dangerous and you can never take too many precautions when it comes to looking after your family.

Designed in Europe

At Babyauto Group, we are aware of the importance of ensuring compliance with every quality and safety process. This is why most of our products are manufactured at our plants in Europe. Our head office in San Sebastian (SPAIN) manages processes such as design, the engineering that takes place at our offices in Barcelona, and the approval of each of our baby seats and other child safety products.

The fact that our products are made in Europe means that Babyauto Group has full control over the assembly of each part and the finish of our items at all times, thereby meeting both the relevant standards and the needs of our customers.

Ensuring you and your family remain safe is what inspires us to move forward day by day.

Committed to Quality

In the event of an accident or collision when travelling by car, the tiniest details can mean the difference between emerging unscathed and suffering terrible consequences. At Babyauto Group, our commitment to the quality of each and every one of our products and all of thier components, regardless of their size, is always at the heart of what we do.

This is why millions of parents choose us every day to look after their children when they travel by car.

After 57 years at the forefront of the child restraint industry, we continue to push ourselves further every day when it comes to safety and to incorporating innovative technology so that your baby remains safe in the event of any accident on the road.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Babyauto Group, we have a motto which all of our departments and employees adhere to: we can never take too many precautions when it comes to the safety of our children on the road.

As a result, not only do we strive every day to give you more peace of mind when your children are travelling in any kind of vehicle, but we also actively work to raise awareness in society as to the importance of using properly certified child restraint systems.

As part of the child safety industry, we know how important it is for every driver, regardless of whether they are a parent themselves, to understand the potential consequences of a distraction or accident at the wheel, and we have therefore spearheaded numerous awareness campaigns.

Much to our regret, road accidents continue to be one of the leading causes of child deaths in many parts of the world. Babyauto Group and our team of professionals are therefore members of the Child Passenger Safety Promotion Office, a non-profit international organisation which aims to boost awareness and promote the correct use of child restraint systems in cars.

  • Child Passenger Safety Promotion Office