Our Vision


Babies and children are the most vulnerable passengers in a car in the event of an accident or any kind of unforeseen incident at the wheel. It is therefore essential to take care of every last detail in order to keep them safe when you travel. Our baby seats do this for you.

Thanks to the work of institutions, road traffic authorities, car seat manufacturers and, of course, parents, the number of children who suffer accidents across the world has fallen considerably in recent years. However, there is still a long road ahead.

Despite the Decade of Action for Road Safety's goal to reduce the number of road deaths to zero, thousands of children in Spain suffer road accidents every year. For many of them, the results are tragic and are largely due to unsuitable car seats or a lack of necessary protection.

At Babyauto Group, we are delighted to help improve these statistics every day by using the very latest developments in child safety and care on the road. These include Isofix systems and other devices, as well as incorporating the i-Size standard (a new universal standard), all of which is essential when making sure that our little ones travel more comfortably and safely.